Thursday, August 20, 2015

DIY Blanket Fort Movie Night Before She goes Back to School

Where has the time gone? This summer has been so amazing and full of adventures. So many amazing memories made. I can't believe summer is now about to come to an end and the new school year is about to begin. So needless to say I have really been soaking up these last moments before My Beautiful Daughter starts 2nd grade. 
I can't believe my once 7 pound 4 oz 21 inches little princess is now almost as tall as me and is off to 2nd grade. I'm gonna need some tissues!!!!
 I must say i'm so proud of the lady she has become. 

    I feel like it was just yesterday I was being admitted to the hospital to be induced to give birth to her. I was so nervous to meet her and very excited and impatient. Once she arrived and was placed in my arms I was pretty much speechless. She was everything I ever wanted and more. It was the most amazing feeling knowing this little human grew inside of me for 9 months and now i'm the one who gets to teach and show her the world. Some people think and worry whats to come next after having a child but that was not me. My life had just began and I could not wait to see what the future held. I could not wait to start my life with her. I knew once I held her and she looked into my eyes that from that day for the rest of my life I had a purpose. She gives me a whole new meaning to love that I never even knew existed. A love so deep and strong not one person could break it. As these days fly by and she's off to a new year of school, ready to learn and grow.  I can't say enough I wish time would stop!! We're so busy making memories time seems to fly by. So every night is fort movie night. I love the extra cute giggles and happy smiles when we build the fort. There is just something extra special about hanging out in a blanket fort watching movies and cuddling. 

Moments like these kids remember for a lifetime. 
Take a little extra time to show your little one some love.

To Build The Perfect Fort:
Two big king or queen blankets 
lots of pillows to lay on 
4 Kitchen chairs 
Put two chairs on each side then drape the two blankets over the 4 chairs. 
we added Christmas lights for a little extra fun.

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