Thursday, August 6, 2015

21 day fix meal prep turkey meatloaf

My dinner tonight Turkey meatloaf right from the 21 day fix cookbook. It was so yummy. Some people tell me they are scared to try 21 day day fix because of the portions and they will starve but no joke the food is amazing I'm so full off each meal I don't see how anyone could use that excuse and I heard from Autumn herself at super Saturday eat more veggies if your still hungry the key is to eat in moderation at all times! That's why I love the containers they make it easy for me to know the right amount I should be eating. I will even bring them out to dinner if we are out with family to celebrate something! Its not a program that's here to starve you or make you stop eating food. If you want details on 21 day fix workouts send me a message. I made extra of this for the week as well. 

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