Thursday, October 22, 2015

10 Fitness Mistakes That Sabotage Your Results (and how to fix them)

Advice from Sagi Kalev, two-time “Mr. Israel,” and Beachbody Celebrity Trainer for Body Beast and The Master’s Hammer & Chisel.  

Sagi shared these 10 fitness mistakes and I must share them with you!

1.  You don’t train hard enough.

” Are you just going through the motions? 
You have to push to fail, then take a very short rest,” says Sagi.
How to fix:  One way to be sure you’re training hard is to keep track of the weights you are lifting or each exercise in a set. Over time that number should go UP.  That means you’re getting stronger.

 2. You train too long.

“More is not always better,” Sagi cautions. 
“Train hard for a short time and get to the point.”
How to fix:  Follow a plan written by a professional.  Beachbody programs like Body Beast and the21 Day Fix Extreme are designed by professionals to get results.  You have a calendar that shows you exactly what workout to do, and when to do it.  Don’t add multiple workouts to your schedule.
The same principle applies if you use a program written by your personal trainer at the gym.  He or she is a pro – stick to their plan.

 3. You eat too much.

Go to any body building website and you’ll see dudes talking about throwing back incredible amounts of food.  Yes, your body needs food, calories, nutrition to build muscle mass, but you don’t feast like it’s Thanksgiving at every meal.
How to fix:  If you’re doing a program like Body Beast or the 21 Day Fix, the guidebook will help you calculate the number of calories you need to reach your goals.  When Hammer & Chisel is released in December, use that nutrition guide to determine how much to eat.
4. You don’t get enough rest.
Guilty!  This is a biggie.  “75% of Americans are not getting enough sleep,” Sagi offers.  “Rest and repair requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep to put muscle on.”
How to fix:  When you’re scheduling your workouts on the calendar, make sure to schedule a full night’s rest.  Give up TV, Facebook, or the late night news if you must.

5. You don’t do combination exercises.

It is much more efficient to do exercises that work more than one joint.  A biceps curl works, well, the biceps.  Do a biceps curl while standing and balancing on one leg, and you’ll strengthen your core, improve your balance, and work the biceps – all at the same time.
How to fix:  Just like #2 above, follow a plan written by a fitness professional.  All of the Beachbody strength-training programs that I’ve seen (21 Day Fix, Chalean Extreme, Body Beast, P90, etc.) use combination exercises so you get the most bang for your weight-lifting buck.)

6. You aren’t motivated.

‘Nuff said.  If you don’t want it badly enough, you won’t stick to your program and eating plan.
How to fix:  In the fitness challenge groups I host every month, I always have my challengers share their big WHY.  This is the real reason they are choosing to focus on fitness right now.  Sometimes it’s to look good in a bikini, sometimes it’s to lean out for a special event, maybe it’s so they can keep up with their kids.
Whatever your personal reason, be sure it will motivate you when the going gets tough.
Adopt a winning mindset,” says Sagi.    He also recommends getting the support of your family, friends, trainer, etc. This can branch all the way out to sharing your progress on social media if you’re brave enough.  (I’m not.)

7. You don’t set time-specific goals.

How to fix:  Set a very specific, realistic goal, to be accomplished by a certain date.  Write it down or you will “forget.”  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve accidentally “forgotten” my goals.
Here are some examples of time-specific goals:
  •  I will drop 5% body fat by December 31st.
  •  I will do a pull-up by Thanksgiving.
  •  I will follow my Body Beast program as written, exercising 6 days per week.
Be sure to track your progress along the way with photos, weight and measurements.
And review those goals often to help with #6 by staying motivated!

 8. Commit to a specific goal (see #7) and share those goals with others.

How to fix:  I believe accountability is a secret weapon for success.  That’s why I run online fitness challenge groups each month.  It’s easier to focus on workouts and healthy eating knowing that others are watching you.  Not only watching you, but supporting and encouraging you. 

 9. You don’t eat according to your goals.

This is similar to #3 (eating too much) above.  When you are focusing on building muscle, your protein intake is very important.  You can eat the right amount of calories, but if you’re not getting enough protein your muscles can’t grow optimally.
In a perfect world your body would convert excess fat to muscle, but it doesn’t work that way.  Sorry.
How to fix:  Follow a nutrition plan written by a professional, such as Body Beast or the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  Those nutrition plans will help you calculate the amount of food you need and the correct macros (protein, fat, carbs).

10. You skip workouts.

Sagi tells it to you straight:  “Get rid of the excuses–I don’t have time to train or eat.”
How to fix:  I don’t have any problem finding time to eat, but I can identify with FEELING as though there are not enough hours in the day to train.  You’ve heard this repeated over and over, but we all have the same 24 hours.
It’s how we prioritize those hours that is important.
  • Dump (or cut back on) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or  TV.
  • Workout while watching TV.
  • Get up 30 minutes to an hour early.
  • Walk or run while your kids are at basketball or soccer practice.
  • Stop at the gym on the way home from work.
  • Make a workout date with a friend.
  • Schedule workouts on the calendar.  Treat your workouts with the same respect you would a doctor’s appointment.  
  • Find a workout plan you LOVE.  Then you’ll look forward to exercise.
I hope these tips help out the progress you want to achieve if you have any questions feel free to ask and pass it along so others can fix their workout mistakes.

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