Saturday, September 12, 2015

21 day fix yoga

Have you tried 21 Day Yoga fix?? I love it. I have noticed a huge change in my upper body strength and that's huge for me. My weakest part of my body is my upper and I've been working really hard on building it up and to finally see and feel the change I've been working so hard towards is so rewarding. 

There is nothing better then waking up A stronger version of who you were yesterday.

I love Doing Yoga with My Daughter. She requested to do Yoga on the beach. So on this beautiful day we went to the beach for a Yoga Fix session. 
We always make sure we fit it in our daily routine.  
She loves finding new poses she can do and I love seeing her so excited to do it. 
We as parents need to remember our children are little sponges and love to listen and watch everything you're doing. So if your making good choices in life you're child sees that and will start to do that as well. My Daughter is very strong minded and anytime I try to convince her something is healthy she will absolutely refuse just because she wants to make her own choices. There's nothing wrong with a strong minded person! That's why my motto daily is Do in life daily what you would want your child to do. I made A container with lots of veggies to snack on at the beach and I didn't bother asking her if she wanted any and she instantly seeing me eating them she asked if she could have some. Problem solved. 

Have you ever wanted to stream your workouts directly to your TV, computer, or tablet? 

I was able to do my workout at the beach and it was amazing.
 I love having Beach Body On demand because I'm always busy and on the go I never have any excuse to miss a workout. Being able to use it anywhere make it easy to stay on track. I have goals to accomplish and I refuse to let anything stand in the way. 

Not only do you get to stream your workouts anywhere you want but You also get discounts on Beachbody workouts, Shakeology  and get to try new workouts before you buy them on DVD? Team Beachbody Club allows you unlimited streaming access to hundreds of workouts in the digital library. That means you can stream many of the most popular Beachbody workouts—like P90X and INSANITY—right to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device—anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also stream directly to your TV using Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. 

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