Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mother Daughter Canvas Painting Date- things to do with kids

I took my Princess canvas painting and we picked our own design to paint.
 I love that it took her 20 mins to decide what one she was going to paint. Once she decided she was so excited. She chose a rainbow zebra. Colorful just like her. I picked the aspen trees. It reminded me of vacations to aspen Colorado. I was so impressed with Kylie's painting skills. She was fished before I was.  She always makes her paintings unique by adding her own little touches to it. I love that about her.  She's so talented and smart. I loved stopping and watching her paint she was so into it! She even asked to help me once she finished  hers. This was an amazing way to spend some quality time with you're little one. We have pretty much done everything so we're always trying new Fun ideas we haven't tired yet. Any suggestions would love.


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